Molded Fiber Plant


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January 12, 2024

Molded Fiber Plant

Molded Fiber Plant

Parason is India’s leading supplier of automatic and semi-automatic machines for molded fiber plants. We offer a complete range of machines and equipment to manufacture molded fiber products.

Molded fiber plants are a set up of machines and equipment to manufacture molded fiber products like sustainable tableware and packaging products. The sustainable molded fiber products are manufactured with raw material that is naturally bio-degradable, compostable, and eco-friendly.

This raw material is used to manufacture molded fiber pulp which is then converted into different products.

Molded Fiber Plant Machines

Parason offers all molded fiber plant machines to manufacture sustainable tableware products. The setup includes a complete line of equipment used to manufacture eco-friendly molded fiber products. Molded fiber plant machines include equipment to generate molded fiber pulp that is compostable and biodegradable.

The raw material used to produce molded fiber pulp is mainly agricultural waste like bagasse, rice/wheat straw, etc. This pulp can be used to manufacture sustainable molded fiber products like tableware, packaging, tissue, board, specialty paper, etc.

Parason Molded Fiber Forming Machine

Parason Molded Fiber Forming Machine is a hybrid solution to manufacture eco-friendly tableware items like plates, cups, bowls, etc. These products are an excellent substitute for single-use plastic.

Parason automatic and semi-automatic forming machines are equipped with a PLC control system that helps to operate the machine effectively. The machine is equipped with an effusion method of pulp inlet technology to ensure the accurate pouring of pulp into the molds. This benefits the uniform formation of products.

Parason Molded Fiber Trimming Machine

In a molded fiber plant, an Edge Trimming Machine is used to give the molded fiber products a fine edge finish with dimensional accuracy. The Parason molded fiber edge trimming machine is a heavy-duty machine specially designed for long operations.

This machine is compatible with a wide range of tableware products and stand-alone operations.

Parason Molds

Parason molds offer a wide range of molds of different platen sizes and shapes. The molds are developed with non-corrosive special grade alloy and come with a non-stick surface. Parason disposable tableware molds are produced with cutting-edge product geometry that helps to keep the trimming waste minimum.

Are you interested in setting up your own molded fiber plant?

Are you looking to set up your own molded fiber plant? Parason provides a complete setup of machines and equipment to set up a disposable molded fiber plant. We provide complete engineering solutions to manufacture sustainable tableware and packaging products.

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Complete Molded Fiber Tableware Manufacturing Machinery
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