Molded Fibre Production Line


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January 12, 2024

Molded Fibre Production Line

Molded Fibre Production Line

Parason Molded Fiber Production Line focuses on the complete set of machines manufactured to produce molded fiber products out of bagasse that is eco-friendly and safe for the environment. The molded fiber products mainly include tableware items like paper plates, cups, bowls, etc., packaging items like food packaging, delicate items packaging, horticulture items like seedling trays, medical items, etc.

Considering the increase in demand for eco-friendly and disposable tableware and packaging, we are manufacturing and supplying the best molded fiber production line along with the molds that will produce the best quality products for you.

Molded Fiber Production Process

Parason Disposable Pulp Tableware Production Line is divided into sections as per the process of manufacturing. The sections are as follows –

  • Pulping: In this section, the pulp is produced out of raw material like bagasse and recycled material in a pulper. A high and superior quality slurry is obtained that is compliant for manufacture molded fiber products.
  • Molding Section: The mold is adjusted in the machine and the pulp is passed through the mold which produces the exact products that you need. The outcome of the mold is sent for drying and heating.
  • Drying: The wet pulp product is sent to the drying section to squeeze out the water and obtain a dry product. The product is also heated to remove moisture from it.
  • Trimming: The pulped product is shaped and trimmed for obtaining a perfect shape
    Packaging and stacking: This stage involves the stacking of the products and packaging them in a way such that they won’t be damaged. This process doesn’t definitely require machinery but it is often done with automation to obtain perfection
    Parason Disposable Tableware Production Line Machine is specially designed by considering the increase in demand for disposable and eco-friendly tableware items. The machine produces the best quality products with an accurate design and ensures their long life.

Why you should choose Parason Molded Fiber Production Line Machine?

Parason Fiber Molding Machine is suitable for both manual and automatic operations. The machine contains in-mold drying of the products. The machine is compatible with dual heating techniques: electric and thermal oil. The parts where the machine comes in contact with water and pulp are made of stainless to avoid corrosion and extend the machine’s life.

Parason Fiber Mold Machine is also equipped with an infrared sensor for the safety of the operator to prevent any accident during the operations. The machine guarantees uniform formation of the products.

Our Trimming Machine produces molded fiber products with fine edge finishing and dimensional accuracy. This is a heavy-duty machine and it is designed by keeping in mind the longer duration of operations. The machine is compatible with a wide range of molded fiber products with minimum mold changing time and stand-alone applications.

The PLC system controls Parason Forming Machine to ensure error-free pouring of the pulp into the mold. This benefits the uniform formation of the molded fiber product.

Our molds are skirted to prevent the slurry from splashing outside the mold while pouring. The process has one forming section and two in-mold drying sections. Products with minimum mold changing time and stand-alone applications. Our Pulp Line Machines are very suitable for manufacturing Molded Fiber Packaging for various purposes like food packaging for food transportation.

Special Features of Parason Disposable Molded Fiber products manufacturing

  • The machine comes with an inbuilt sensor for stroke counting that helps to understand the efficiency of the operator
  • The sensor is also meant for adjusting the stroke height depending upon the product requirements
  • The high pressure enables single-shot and the trimming requires lesser time
  • The body of the machine is specially designed to withstand high pressure
  • The machine is equipped with a heavy-duty motor, cylinder, bushes, molds, and blades
  • The machine is easy to operate and the maintenance is low
  • The design of the machine is compact and sturdy that makes it extremely reliable
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