Molded Fiber Packaging machinery with Complete Process Solution


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January 12, 2024

Molded Fiber Packaging machinery with Complete Process Solution

We provide you with turn-key engineered solutions and machinery for manufacturing molded fiber packaging items

Molded Paper Pulp (also termed molded fiber) has been used to make food containers like a clamshell, trays, and other packages for a long time. Molded pulp packaging is gaining demand in the world because it fits in well with the increasing concern about reducing the use of single-use plastics.

Sugarcane bagasse and wheat straw are used as raw materials for manufacturing biodegradable tableware and packing material. The molded fiber pulp packaging is widely used for items in electronics, household, automotive parts, medicines, food packaging, etc. The molded paper pulp packaging is also used mainly in the transportation of products for protecting them from damage during transporting.

molded fiber forming machine

The common molded pulp is classified into two types: One is used for packaging applications that are made with 4.7 mm to 12.7 mm walls. This type of pulp uses fiber slurry that is made from ground newsprint, kraft paper, or other fibers.

The other type of molded pulp is used for packaging of electronic equipment, cellphones, or other delicate items that require strong but lightweight containers with 1.6 mm to 4.7 mm wall thickness. This type of molded pulp uses the same material and undergoes similar basic processing of the pulp as that of the previous type. The only difference lies where the pulp is set onto the molds.

Parason provides machineries and complete solutions and support for setting up a molded fiber plant for manufacturing tableware and other packaging materials. Our machines and equipment are developed under advanced research and development techniques.

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