Paper Board Machine


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January 12, 2024

Paper Board Machine

Energy-Saving Paper Board Machine For Your Mill

Paper board is sometimes also called as cardboard. It is made up of thick paper-based material. It is lightweight and strong.

It is mainly used as packaging material. Sometimes it is also used for printing and/or making fine arts, crafts, etc. Paperboards are made using raw materials. The raw material is mainly pulp. This pulp is fibrous material extracted from wood, recycled papers, plastics, textiles, etc. These materials are transformed into pulp by using two main processes – chemical process and mechanical process. In the chemical process, various chemicals are added to the raw material to convert it into the desired pulp. In the mechanical process, the material undergoes machine treatments. These machines are called pulping machines.

The pulp is further sent for the bleaching process in which it is cleaned and all impurities are removed. This process is done in the bleaching machine. Bleaching is done by using chlorine gas, by oxidation and reduction methods. 

Paper boards can be single-ply or multi-ply. The thickness of single-ply boards is lesser than of multi-ply boards. In multi-ply boards, different layers of pulp are used. The layers decide the thickness of the board. When the piles are ready they are coated with china clay, calcium carbonate or titanium dioxide. Sometimes styrene-butadiene emulsions or starches are used as adhesives and binders. 

Some of the important properties of paper boards are stiffness, smoothness, grammage, brightness, thickness, and whiteness. Paperboard can be manufactured on different machines. The fourdrinier machine and cylinder machines are the most commonly used. 

Recently, a new machine is developed in the paperboard industry termed as the Multiformer machine. It has combined features of both fourdrinier and cylinder machines. Multifourdrinier machine has secondary headboxes which apply a second ply after the first is formed. 

Cylinder machines use mostly recycled fibers to produce paperboard. Whereas fourdrinier machines mostly use primary fibers derived out of woods. Modern cylinder and fourdrinier machines can process both primary and secondary fibers. 

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