Paper Machine Components


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January 12, 2024

Paper Machine Components

Paper Machine Components

Get High Quality Paper Machine Components for Your Paper Mill

Every paper machine has components or equipment that is useful to work in a continuous process. The machine works efficiently with the help of spare parts, which can give a better result and reduce the burden on the whole machine. There are varieties of paper, also the paper making process for the different type of paper changes. Such as paper used for phone book or newspaper, are the low quality of the paper and it differs in the chemicals whether to keep the paper thick or thin. Paper machine components give flexibility to the machine to deliver exact results.

Paper machine components are removable and can be cleaned or washed. Paper machine components are made of stainless steel. The machine is not damaged even after working for many years, due to its durability and it can be washed whenever necessary.

Paper machine components have the ability to work continuously and can reduce energy consumption by the machine. Machine components are also important for manufacturing them to different countries.

Parason machinery is the India leading paper pulp making machine. Parason also manufactures and supply the paper machine components to various countries. The paper machine components are manufactured at Parason focuses on the production of pulp making machine from recycled paper. Paper machine components give quality results to the pulp.

Parson Manufacture Quality Paper Machine Components

Hi-Con Pulper Rotor

Hi-con pulper is used for breaking waste paper in high consistency. Pulp includes all type of paper such as cardboard, office paper, etc. that contains ink, dust and plastic contaminants. The contaminants can be removed by the help of hi-con pulper rotor.

Slotted Baskets

Parason screen baskets are developed for use in stock preparation, as well as broke system, pulp mill, and approach flow screening for Parason screens and for all existing Parason screens and associated rotor combinations of other many manufacturers.


Impellers are used in the Parason D-type pulper that help to mix the pulp with water and other chemicals, which give flexibility to the pulp and also help in removing contaminants. It reduces the burden on downstream equipment.

Paper machine components give excellent results and help to reduce the energy consumption of the machine. It is easy in installation and has a continuous process.