Paper Machine India


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January 12, 2024

Paper Machine India

Paper Machine India

Buy The Most Powerful Paper Machine In India

Parason is the leading paper machine company in India. Parason has always endeavored to go beyond the boundaries and scale newer peaks of excellence. Parason focuses on manufactures pulp making machines from recycled paper, which is also helpful to the environment. As India is the second leading country in over population, this type of recycling waste can reduce the growth in population. The efficient Parason machinery is supplied in India as well as worldwide and has success stories in the country also in the international arena.

Parason was established over more than 40 years ago in India and grown rapidly in manufacturing and supplying of pulp paper machine worldwide. Parason manufacture eco-friendly machines that can give the exact results as that of the wood fiber paper.

Parson machines are made of stainless steel and connected with spare parts which work efficiently, which can be washed easily. Parason paper making machines are fully automatic and easy in handling. It gives a better quality of paper from recycled paper.

Pulp machine manufactured at Parason machine works faster and paper can be produced in tons daily. Use of recycled paper pulp gives the exact same quality to the paper like that from the wood pulp.

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Paper was made out of wood fibers, Chinese Cai Lun invented paper. He mixed textile fibers and fibers from the bark of the mulberry in water and produced sheets of paper. Wood fiber is used for manufacturing paper right from the beginning in China. The wood fiber gives strength to the paper. The quality of the paper is also good and has a texture to it that maintains the quality of the paper. Paper making process is easy and can also be made by hand. Handmade paper quality differs from the paper made in the machines. Keeping it a legacy some areas in the world manufactures paper by hand.

Handmade paper lack in the quality of texture of paper as the paper need high compression to make it a thin paper, and one cannot give high pressure on the paper. Handmade paper manufacture so that the people may get employed and to keep the legacy of their ancestors.

Parason supply paper pulp making machine to more than 62 countries with a desire to spread wings overseas. The requirement for equipment and spare parts of the machine is growing as Parason is supplying efficient and excellent engineered machines. The main motive of Parason is to make a greener world and recycling of waste. The recycling of waste paper can help the paper to maintain quality and also to help the environment to reduce paper waste and save trees.

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