Paper Machine Supplier


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January 12, 2024

Paper Machine Supplier

Paper Machine Supplier

Parason is the biggest paper machine supplier in the Indian paper industry. Parason is supplying high-quality products for more than 40 years across the world. Our paper machines yield excellent quality paper produced by raw materials especially waste papers and paper products that are recycled to make new papers. Parason machines are efficient in manufacturing great quality of paper from the raw materials collected from various places like industries, offices, schools, and brought them to the paper industry for further procedure. Our machines are manufactured with excellent strength properties that are capable of handling any type of raw material without causing any damage to the machines and machine parts.

Recycled Paper Machine Supplier

The need for recycling paper machines is increasing these days because of the increased concerns about environmental protection. Thus every paper mill has started adapting to the production structure of recycling instead of manufacturing paper from fresh raw material. Parason manufactures strong and durable pulp-making machines that efficiently produce pulp with a lower intake of water and electricity. You can produce any quantity of pulp that is required. Our machines are available in various capacity limits. The production of pulp is calculated in the TPD unit.

The machines needed in the pulp manufacturing process are the pulper, cleaner, thickener, screener, refiner, etc. Each of these equipment parts carries on their tasks to manufacture good quality of pulp. We supply all parts of machines as well as the entire machine line to your paper mill. The manufacturing of all types of paper products is supported by our machines. Parason machines are capable of manufacturing papers for the mills producing tissue paper, paper boards, cardboards, kraft papers, newsprint papers, paper bags, packaging papers, corrugated papers, etc.

Parason is India’s No.1 paper machine supplier, supplying a large amount of best-quality, sturdy, robust paper machines to the paper mills across the world according to their needs and requirements. As the best paper machine supplier we do also supply equipment and its spare parts necessary for the machines in your paper mill.

Want to improve your paper mill productivity? Choose us as your Paper Machine Supplier

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