Paper Making Machine


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January 12, 2024

Paper Making Machine

Paper Making Machine

Looking for paper making machine for your mill?

Recycling paper is the need of today’s world considering the growth in deforestation. Parason manufactures pulping machines that can produce paper out of recycled raw material. Parason is India’s leading manufacturer and most preferred supplier for pulp machines and spare parts.

Today, technology has surpassed the traditional means of producing paper out of tree fibers. The pulp is mainly made out of raw materials like waste papers, used papers, paper products, waste textiles, rags, cotton, fabrics, etc.

This raw material is mixed with water and undergoes several processes to form pulp which is then transformed into paper. This pulp is treated and converted into sheets of paper. Parason is a manufacturer and supplier of best quality pulp making machines and spare parts.

Parason pulp and paper making machines are developed by our highly intellectual engineers and prove to be very efficient in working. Our machines work on the low power intake mechanism that helps to save power and energy.

Best Quality Paper Making Machine

Parason papermaking machine have new advancements in technology. Our machines and all equipment are developed and tested by the research and development specialists. We offer machines that range from the lowest capacity to the highest capacity depending on your production capacity requirements.

Our services include complete solutions to your paper mills right from the installation of the machine until the first paper product is rolled out. Parason manufactures the best quality of machines and spare parts in the paper industry. Parason machine components are very effective right from the cutting down of wood chips to the finishing of the final paper product. The atomized machines have lowered down the workload on the workers thus producing a decrement of the manpower requirement in the paper mills.

Parason supplies the complete line of machines that are required for stock preparation. These machines include the pulper, the screening assembly, cleaning equipment, screen baskets, screen plates, refiners, refining plates, different types of dispersers, different types of thickeners, deflaking equipment, agitators, etc. The quality of the pulp obtained is very elegant and delicate and perfect to produce a smooth and flawless paper. Parason is your reliable and trustable partner in setting up your paper mill. We will be your complete guide in the entire process of paper manufacturing until your first final product is rolled out.

Parason machines are designed in such a way that they suit all kinds of raw material. The machine will not fail to process any unusual material. All parts of the machine are sturdy and robust that will process the material efficiently and give the best results. The spare parts are also capable of withstanding a good strength.

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