Paper Manufacturing Machinery


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January 12, 2024

Paper Manufacturing Machinery

Paper Manufacturing Machinery

Paper manufacturing is an ancient process going on for 2000 years. The need for paper is ever-growing and will always be

Previously, the paper was made from trees due to which several trees were cut down. This unwittingly proved to be the cause of global warming. To deal with this problem, i.e to minimize the cutting of trees and still produce an equal amount of paper, we have come up with machines that produce paper with the help of various raw materials like old paper, used paper, textiles, cellulose, fibers, e-waste, plastic waste, etc. This in-short can be termed as paper recycling. 

Parason is one of the leading industries to produce paper recycling machines. These machineries are supplied worldwide in more than 50 countries. Along with the machinery, Parason is also a leading supplier of parts of machinery. We are also a huge provider of spare parts. 

The average life span of each Parason machinery is more than 15 years. Parason believes in providing quality services to its clients. We are immensely happy to state the fact that our clients have been writing to us from throughout the globe appreciating the performance of our machinery. 

The machinery is made up of different sub-parts. These parts include – Pulper, Cleaner, Separator, Fine Screener, Reject Screen, De-inking system, Thickener, Disperser, Refiner, Confiner, Deflaker, Agitator, Water Recovery System, etc. The procedure starts with the collection of raw material. This material undergoes various chemical and mechanical processes to form pulp and a new paper is produced by performing operations on this pulp.

Different types of papers are used for different purposes that can be produced with the machinery. For example, writing paper, notebook paper, books paper, packaging paper, smooth paper, waterproof paper, corrugated paper, etc. Parason has proved that our paper manufacturing machinery is the best rated and most preferred in the paper industry. We have been supplying our machines in all the major paper producers of the world and have always received positive feedback for the same.

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