Excellent Grade Paper Plate Machine


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January 12, 2024

Excellent Grade Paper Plate Machine

Parason is engaged in manufacturing an excellent grade of paper plate machine. Our disposable plate making machines are working flawlessly with an amazing performance in paper mills and producing the best quality paper plates, cups, and for manufacturing tableware products.

Are you looking for paper plate manufacturing machine?

If you are looking to set up a plant for manufacturing disposable tableware products like paper plates, paper cups, paper bowls, etc., then you have landed in the right place. Parason is a leading manufacturer of paper plate manufacturing machines that are durable and affordable for best suiting your needs. Parason paper plate manufacturing machines are developed with our most intelligent engineers with detailed research and development. Our machines produce the best products with all specifications at an affordable price for our customers.

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Automatic and Semi-automatic paper plate machine

Parason is specialized in manufacturing types of paper plate machines based on modes of operation like automatic and semi-automatic. These two types of machines are the best sellers of Parason. All our paper machinery is equipped with a user-friendly control panel system that eases the task of manufacturing. Overall, the flawless working of our machines delivers exceptional performance at considerably cost-effective prices.

The dies of paper dish making machines are available in different sizes. Paper dishes can range between 5″ to 25″. Different dies are to be manufactured to produce different sizes of paper dishes. Parason paper dish machines are capable of manufacturing disposable dishes with compartments as well.

Which raw material can be used in Parason paper plate making machines?

Parason paper plate making machines are developed to suit all kinds of raw materials like virgin fibres obtained from trees, recycled papers/paper products, agricultural waste, wheat straws, bagasse, waste paper, recycled textiles, recycled cardboard/paperboard, etc. Manufacturing disposable paper plates by recycling waste papers are the need of today’s world. Our machines pave the way to produce useful and eco-friendly products out of waste papers.

Which raw material can be used in Parason paper plate making machines

The paper plate machine price is based on several factors like machine type, production capacity, die size, type of die, the material of die, raw material, voltage, weight, paper plate size, etc. However, the average machine price ranges between 5 lakhs to 5 crores. This machine is made up of several small types of equipment that perform different operations. The cost of each piece of equipment depends on its functionalities. Therefore the machine cost varies accordingly.

Parason molded fibre machines are the all-in-one machine that can produce disposable plates, paper cups, paper glasses, disposable tableware, paper containers, and other dispensable crockery items. The disposable containers are used in food packaging for food transport and delivery.

PARASON is a one-stop provider of the complete range of paper plate making machines for manufacturing disposable paper products with paper pulp making machines. If you are looking for perfect guidance that will help you to set up a paper plate manufacturing plant, then Parason is the best choice for you. We are supplying paper machines in India and abroad.

We Offer machinery and equipment services in the following sectors:

  • Paper plate making machine
  • Paper cup making machine
  • Disposable tableware making machine
  • Moulded fibre products making machine
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