Paper Pulp Machine Parts


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January 12, 2024

Paper Pulp Machine Parts

Most Preferred Paper Pulp Machine Parts

Producing Ultra-smooth And Consistent Paper Pulp

The pulp is a composite mixture of fibrous material made by separating cellulose fibers either by chemical or mechanical activities. This pulp is used to make paper. Pulp production is divided into six major categories – Chemical, Kraft, Sulfite, Semichemical, and Mechanical. The pulp producing machine is called as pulper. It produces pulp from the cellulose fibers. This pulp is used in paper machines to produce paper.

Pulp Machine Parts

The main role of a pulping machine is to separate the fibers contained in the raw material. The raw material is subject to rapid rotations which cause the breakage of fibers under heavy pressure. This process is termed as slurring as a slurry is produced as an out product. This process is carried out under the Hi-Consistency Pulper.

In the Agitator Tank, the Pulp undergoes high-pressure beating (also termed as Refining). It is a cylindrical container or vessel with an impeller fitted in it. The impeller can be fitter vertically or horizontally from the top. This impeller works as a stirrer and keeps the mixture rotating continuously, which is necessary to avoid coagulation and even distribution of the slurry.

The pulp molding process is carried out where the mold is lowered into a slurry with the support of suction through the vacuum pump. The pulp molding parts are the mold, counter mold, slurry vat, the vacuum pump, electric motor, and the auxiliary tank.

Parason is a leading manufacturer of different types of pulping machines with several specifications. The Hi-Consistency pulping machine provides excellent de-fiberizing with strong fiber to fiber friction.

The Dilution Pulper is responsible for the effective removal of plastics and other foreign material. It also dilutes the high consistency stock transfer for further smooth processing.

The Off-Center Pulper removes large-sized plastics with little degradation. It is equipped with an eccentric rotor that operates at a consistency of 4%-6%.

Parason D Type Pulper comes with a ‘D’ Section of the tub that enhances the turbulence in the tub. It causes the bales and bundles to submerge rapidly, therefore reducing the dwelling time suitable for continuous operations.

Paper Making Machine

Pulp to paper transmission is important for the production of our final product. The pulp produced from the pulping machines is fed to the automated paper machines. This process is done by the Dewaterer and Disperser. The water from the pulp is drained out and left-over stock is forwarded for making sheets.

Finally, the dried paper sheets are wounded into reels and further processed for developing into required types. Paper is given a smooth and compact texture depending on the order demands. The paper machine consists of a Forming Section(Wet End), Wet Press Section, Dryer Section, and Calendar Section.

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