Paper Pulp Molding Machine


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January 12, 2024

Paper Pulp Molding Machine

Superior Quality Paper Pulp Molding Machine

Molding is the process of shaping liquid or flexible raw material by using a rigid structure generally known as mold and the equipment is known as paper pulp molding machine. Recycled paper can be transferred into any desired shape using a mold of that shape. The molding process is applied when a certain shape of the object is to be produced in large quantities.

Paper molding is done to create paper articles such as egg trays, apple coverings, fruit trays, seed trays, shoe trays, paper bags, letter cards, etc.

There are different designs of molding dies. These dies matter in the quality and shape of the product. Generally, there are two types of pulp molding machines – Forming mold and Transfer mold.

The forming mold is used to shape the prepared pulp as required. Whereas, the transfer mold aims to help to get the wet pulp products out from the forming mold.

There are the following types of Paper Pulp Molding Machines –

  • Single-side Rotary Pulp Molding Machine
  • Four-side Rotary Pulp Molding Machine
  • Eight-side Rotary Pulp Molding Machine
  • Twelve-side Rotary Pulp Molding Machine

How to Choose Paper Pulp Moulding Machine?

The paper molding machine is very important in production efficiency. Here are some points to considering while choosing a recycled paper molding machine –

Stability of Control System

All systems involved in the recycling process are closely linked with each other. The systems work automatically as per the operational settings. Therefore, a steady and durable control system is needed to make sure that each process is performed accurately and simultaneously.

Qualification Rate

Qualification rates directly reflect the productivity of the machine and also the working state of the molding machine. To manufacture efficient and up to the mark products, the mold should be clean, perfect in size and shape, and should be robust and sturdy.

Safety, Maintainability & Operability

Safety is an essential thing in the molding process. There are special training given to the workers working on the molding machines. Paper molding machines need to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain their operational efficiency.

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