Paper Recycling Services


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January 12, 2024

Paper Recycling Services

Paper Recycling Services

More than 400 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are generated worldwide each year. It is possible to recycle most of this paper, which is the method of reprocessing waste paper for reuse.

Paper recycling services are provided by paper manufacturing mills. In a paper manufacturing mill, the old paper is recycled into new paper. Earlier, the paper was manufactured by trees. A huge amount of trees were cut down in this process for making paper. However, considering the environmental needs of preserving trees, humankind has come up with an alternative. This alternative involves the recycling of the use of old and used paper material for producing new paper.

This paper material includes notebook paper, cardboard, hardboard, corrugated paper, packaging paper, kraft paper, etc. This is considered as raw material for the production of paper. The history of paper recycling lands back to world war I. Paper recycling concept was initiated by the U.S. and is practiced since then. About 75 percent of paper mills use the recycling process for paper manufacture.

In paper recycling, there are two types of papers – recyclable paper and non-recyclable paper. Though almost all papers can be recycled, there are some types that are not yet possible to be recycled. These include chocolate wrappers, carbon papers, pizza boxes, paper towels, and coffee cups.

The paper recycling process includes the collection, transportation, sorting, and processing of paper. The raw material is collected from wastes and scraps and transported to paper mills. In the paper mills, recyclable paper is sorted out and sent for further processing. Processing involves operations that are performed on the raw material to produce new paper.

Parason is a leading provider of these paper recycling machines. Parason developed paper recycling machines are used across the world in more than 60 countries. Parason global consultancies are present in Germany, Europe and The USA supporting new paper mills to set up and existing paper mills to achieve greater heights.

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