Pulp Cleaner Machinery and Solution


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January 12, 2024

Pulp Cleaner Machinery and Solution

Pulp Cleaner Machinery and Solution

Cleaners in the pulp machinery are used to clean and purify the pulp made out of raw materials for paper production. The cleaning process is carried out for the removal of unwanted particles like stickies, glue, gums, wax, etc. There are different types of cleaners used in pulp making for carrying out cleaning operations of different efficiencies.

High Density Cleaner

High-Density Cleaner is a motorized used for the efficient removal of contaminants, pollutants, and impurities like sand, glass, chips, pins, wax, etc. from the pulp stock. A visual inspection of the vortex is done through an illuminated sight glass. The installation of the high consistency cleaner is simple and easy. High consistency cleaner also protects further screening and refining equipment from wear and abrasion. The impurities having greater intensity than pulp, like stones, metal particles, nails, etc. are removed from the mixture and passed to the reject chamber.

Medium Density Cleaner

Medium-density cleaner is also a good option to consider if you need to perform medium level operations. It works on a non-motorized designed mechanism. It is also efficient in cleaning impurities like pins, clips, staple pins, etc. Medium-density cleaner performs operations before screening, deinking and refining. Therefore it is installed before the above three. the installation is very easy and one time.


Centricleaners are specially designed to remove air, dirt, shives, and specks from pulp stock. The process is carried out efficiently and economically without polluting the other substances. Centricleaner has a smooth internal surface and small diameter, that ensures its exceptional performance. The pulp stock enters tangentially through the inlet with a consistency rate of 0.5%-1.0%. It is accelerated downwards with centrifugal motion, which forces the contaminants to the outer wall of the cone and downwards to reject outlet. These rejects are collected in a tank and further undergo more cleaning procedures. The cleaned stock is sent to the accept outlet.

Medium Consistency Centricleaner

The Medium Consistency Centricleaner operates at a consistency range of 1.5%-2%. The centricleaner bottles are arranged in a planetary system with an inlet header beyond the center. This allows distributing the pulp stock evenly to all centricleaning bottles at constant pressure. The accept of all centricleaner bottles are collected in a planetary manner at the center. The rejects are is collected in closed-loop in the reject header that is directly connected to the reject pump feeding to the secondary stage cleaner.

The Deaeration system is used to remove excess air from the pulp stock. The bottoms of primary bottles are built with ceramic cones for improved life and efficient separation of heavy contaminants. Flexi glass with quick-release fitment is provided between bottom ceramic cone and reject header for easy cleaning of nozzles. Dilution in the middle of the cone is provided to increase the centrifugal action at the bottom of the cone that increases the efficiency of cleaners.


Trapmagni is an equipment that can be used for low quantity pulp cleaning. It works on the principle of magnetism for the removal of impurities. It is strong, durable and fabricated with stainless steel construction. It has a large permanent magnet for more contact areas, hence improves removal efficiency.

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