Pulp Machinery


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January 12, 2024

Pulp Machinery

Pulp Machinery

Global Supplier of Pulp Machinery for Pulp & Paper Industry

Parason is the World’s leading company that manufacture and supply Pulp Machinery, equipment, spare parts of the pulp making machine in India. Parason manufacture pulp making machinery and supply them to 62 countries throughout the world. Parason developed their R & D setup for pulp and paper Industry in the year 1993. Main focus of Parason was to develop energy efficient, operator friendly and maintenance free machinery for pulp and paper industry. Experts in technology gave proper guidance and designed pulp machinery that can have various functions.

Parason is focused on manufacturing pulp machines for paper making. Parason has installed more than 360 pulp streets ranging from 25-550 TPD of different grades of paper manufacturing in India and overseas.

Pulp making machines manufactured at Parason are supplied across the globe including most advanced countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa, SE Asia, and the Middle East. The requirement of Parason pulp machinery has increased after the impact made by the fully automatic machine and excellent features.

Pulp Machinery – Best Quality Manufacturers

The pulp is the soup like a mixture of water and any hard material. Pulp is the initial stage of making any hard product. Pulp is the fibrous material prepared by chemically or mechanically separating cellulose fibers from wood, fiber crops, waste paper or rags. Wood fiber is the standard and efficient method of making pulp paper, but it can inversely affect the environment. Other methods of manufacturing paper can be helpful; by using waste paper and rags. The waste fiber can give the same quality as that of the wood fiber. The waste fiber used to make pulp and then paper, are known as recycled paper. But the paper can be recycled only for 9 times after the excess recycling of paper can give the poor results and may lose fiber each time recycled. Chemicals are added to the pulp to give the flexibility and strength to the recycled paper. Wood fibers do not need chemicals to give strength to the paper, as wood already has the strong components that make paper quality efficient.

Parason focuses on packaging pulp machine. Parason machines are designed to manufacture pulp machine that the pulp is produced only from recycled paper. The machine manufactured at Parason is designed by the experts and engineers who made the pulp machine eco-friendly. The machines are fully automatic are easy to install. A Parason machine consumes less energy and works in less time. All type of paper pulp can be produced in Parason pulp machine, such as newspaper, kraft paper; tissue, etc. pulp machine also has its spare parts that can be washable. Cleaning of a machine is important as the paper quality may ruin due to small contaminants. Parason pulp machinery are made of stainless steel, these machines have a long time working efficiency. These machines give quality results to the paper as well as to the pulp.

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