Pulp Machinery Parts


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January 12, 2024

Pulp Machinery Parts

Pulp Machinery Parts

Pulp making or pulp cooking is the basic process in pulp formation. There are three main steps involved in pulp making process – pulp cooking, pulp washing, and pulp bleaching. These processes are done by separate machine parts such as pulp digester, disc filter, twin roll press, vacuum drum washer, etc

The digester, or pulp digester, is a large container for chemical pulping and cooking section for dissolved fibers. The digester is used for cooking raw materials like wood, timber, textiles, and other sources. These raw materials undergo reactions with chemicals added to the pulp machine and get the paper pulp. The pulp is mostly formed of cellulose. Then, the paper pulp is sent to washing and bleaching parts for further papermaking processing.

Vacuum drum washer is an equipment used for bleaching and extraction of all types of pulps like wood pulp, straw pulp, etc. Vacuum drum washer is an important part of the paper industry to solve the problem of pollution. Vacuum drum washer includes a large drum, washing device, peel pulp device, tank, plane distribution valve, net-washing equipment, screw conveyor, transmissions, etc. It can be used as a single or multi-series unit.

Vacuum disc filter is also called a disc filter or disk filter. It is used in the washing and bleaching process of chemical pulping or chemical-mechanical pulp. In structure, a vacuum disc filter includes a spindle, tank, disc filter sector, distribution valve, and screw discharger, etc. Vacuum disc filter is the equipment that takes vacuum’s negative pressure as its driving force for the separation of solid and liquid particles. It is then widely applied in white water recycle and paper pulp thickening.

The final important part of pulp machinery is the twin-roll press. It is highly efficient equipment used for automatic washing and extraction of pulp concentrates and filtrates. It is most suitable for black liquor extraction and concentration of pulp, like the non-wood pulp, bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, and waste paper pulp, etc. Twin roll press is mainly made up of a press roll, screw conveyor, gasket scraper, filtrate receive, and other small parts

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