Pulp Making Machine


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January 12, 2024

Pulp Making Machine

Pulp Making Machine

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Basic material used to make paper is fiber. Fiber is obtained by the trees. But trees are not only an option to get fiber; it is the only primary way of obtaining fiber. Some particular plants are grown to make paper out of which fiber obtained.These plants are grown by those who have paper industry and need lot of wood fiber to produce paper. Cellulose fiber is obtained by plants; it is what gives structure to the paper. All paper is made from pulp. Pulp is a mixture of water and tree fiber.

Pulp is grinded in the pulper to get the soup like structure to the pulp. It is grinded until the pulp becomes soupy and even. It helps to remove impurities in the material used. The pulp contains raw material, used papers, waste cardboard etc; which may have impurities like dust, ink, shives.Machines are specially designed in such a way that it separates the impurities from the pulp. Impurities like dust that can dissolve in water are also separated efficiently.

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Pulp making machine – Recycled paper

Wood fiber is the basic material for making pulp. But fiber can also be obtained from many other products like used papers, cloth, plants etc.

Paper is seen wasted in tons every day in the offices, schools and colleges. These papers and paper products are brought in use for recycling them to make paper.

Recycling paper has reduced the paper waste. The recycled paper gives the exact quality made by the wood pulp. Pulp making machine helps to maintain the quality of the paper made from recycled paper. Advanced technology in machines has helped in many ways.

It has reduced manpower which is fully automatic and consumes less energy. Pulp making machines grinds any kind of fiber materials and also has huge impact on environment.

Fewer trees are used to collect fiber. Paper waste is reduced and recycled. Deforestation has stopped due to the advancement in the machinery which can collect same quality of fiber from recycled paper.

How many times paper can be recycled?

Every recycled material has a logo where three arrows pointing around in an endless loop. But paper can’t recycle endlessly. Paper is made from interlocking fibers, which is primarily obtained by wood fibers excluded from the water.

The mixture is known as pulp. It is dried into a thin sheet where the fiber sticks together in an interlocking pattern.

It loses its quality when it is repeated in the same process. The strong paper is broken into pieces and mixed with water, which is again converted into pulp. But this pulp is not exactly the same to the mixture at the beginning. Recycled paper may lose flexibility and strength every time when reused.

Interlocked fiber may get free after every wash, it becomes easy to tear and ink may run while written. Paper can be recycled at the most 3 times, but each time it may lose some amount of fiber. The pulp is mixed with the virgin wood fiber to hold on together.

For paper making the most important factor is fiber, no matter it is wood fiber, recycled paper or bamboo pulp. Pulp making machine can convert any fiber into pulp.

“Technology change life” is the proper tag line for the machine making industries mostly those has an impact on the environment.

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