Pulp mill equipment


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January 12, 2024

Pulp mill equipment

Pulp mill equipment

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A pulp mill is a mechanical facility for the formation of pulp. Pulp mill used wood, wood products, tree wood, etc. and converts it into fibers that are used in the paper manufacturing process which is carried out in the paper industry.

The pulp is manufactured using mechanical and chemical processes. The finished product is then bleached or non-bleached according to the customer requirements.

The main equipment used in the pulp mill is the high consistency pulper system.
This pulper does excellent de-fiberizing, easy separation of fibers, and contaminants like plastics, adhesives, hot melts, etc. It helps in de-inking i.e. removal of unwanted colors with the help of added chemicals. The pulper is designed in such a way that it utilizes minimum energy power.

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Other Types Of Pulp Mill Equipment used in the process are –

Dilution Pulper – It Performs the function of separating foreign particles and also dilutes for high consistency for stock transfer for further processing.

Off-center Pulper – Here the ‘off-center’ refers to the eccentric location of the pulper rotor which performs continuous operations with a consistency of 4-6%. 

D-type Pulper – The ‘D’ Type refers to the shape of the tub. It works with high capacity and reduced power input. Mainly used to remove plastics in large pieces with little degradation and reduce the burden of downstream equipment.

Fibre Saver – Uncut contaminants from low consistency pulper are removed with negligible fiber loss with the help of fiber saver. It works as continuous cleaning equipment for pulper and helps in throughput increase.

Ragger – It is mainly used for the removal of spinning contaminants such as wires, rags, strings, plastics, using trigger rope.

Rope Cutter – It is an integral part of the Ragger system whereby the Ragger Rope string is cut at regular intervals.

Wet strength pulverizer – It can pulverize sack kraft, insulation paper, beer boxes, security paper, textile core boxes, currency paper. Its 3 special types of equipment are scissoring, agitation, and pumping.

Trommel Screen – Its main function is to lessen the load on fiber saver. It has a special heavy-duty perforated drum with hole size ascending order and aided by a suitable shower inside and outside allowing the recovery of fibers. 

Dehydrating Screw Conveyor – Its main function is separating contaminants and water from pulper reject discharge. It separates sand and water from the high-density cleaner and Centricleaner rejects.

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