Pulp Paper Machinery


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January 12, 2024

Pulp Paper Machinery

Pulp Paper Machinery

Produce high quality papers by using our Pulp Paper Machinery

Parason is the Pulp Paper Machinery Company which supplies the pulp papermaking machines to paper mills worldwide. There is growth in demand for papermaking machines. Companies need branding products that give the standard to the companies. Even the smallest paper used in reputed companies has the requirement of the brand and great quality.

Keeping the legacy of having all products branded is necessary for every company in the world. Parason pulp and paper manufacturing machines produce superior quality of the paper and paper products. The machines manufactured at Parason have the capability of producing new as well as recycled products.

Our machines are strong and reliable and are suitable for all types of paper mills. Our machines are designed to produce material of any capacity. The machines and other equipment are sturdy, robust, and long-lasting.

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Pulp paper making process

The pulp is the cellulose fiber material used in the production of paper. Wood fiber is the primary material that is used to make paper from generations. Different types of trees are also used to make paper such as bamboo, cotton, linen, rags, etc.

Wood fiber is crushed into pieces and mixed well with the water. Chemicals are added into this mixture to remove the unwanted elements from the pulp like pins, sticks, garbage, etc. Chemicals are added to give flexibility property to the paper.

Cooking the pulp is necessary to keep the mixture together. Cooking dissolves the elements that are hard to crush. Both softwood and hardwood are dissolved in the pulp by cooking.

Parason machines are designed for making paper out of recycled paper as well. Paper is made out of the extracted material from old paper, fibers, cotton, rags, etc.

Parason manufactures Pulp Paper Machinery that is completely energy efficient. The energy intake of paper machines has always been an issue. Parason machines are developed in such a way that they intake less energy and manufacture more products. Thus, our machines are effective in producing more output with less input. Our machines are affordable and come with a complete guarantee and warranty.

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