Pulp Screening Machine and Equipment


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January 12, 2024

Pulp Screening Machine and Equipment

Pulp screening is carried out to improve the quality of the pulp

After the cleaning operation, there are still some impurities and contaminants left in the mixture which make it inconsistent. These foreign materials like dirt, brick pieces, cement, etc. need to be removed. Screening is the process carried for the effective escaping of these components.

Screening is an essential process for producing high-quality paper and board products. The raw material is full of toxins and unwanted contaminants. The parameters considered and worked on under the screening process include Production Capacity, Operating Capacity, Working Efficiency, Power Consumption, and Fiber Loss.

Screening is done in two main categories- Coarse Screening and Fine Screening.

Coarse Screening   

Coarse Screening removes particles that are heavier than the pulp. Particles that are rough or harsh in texture, such as fibers, knots, shives, dirt, and sand are removed via coarse screening. These particles contribute to 2-3% of the total mixture. Coarse screening is carried out before the fine screening. The stock that passes the coarse screening process is further sent to the fine screening process.

Turbo Separator

It has a disc screen specially designed for screening pulp slurries with high trash and flake content. It comes with high deflaking potential and ensures reliable operation. It removes both heavy and light rejects separately.

Medium Consistency Screen

Parason medium consistency screen comes with a specially designed rotor provided with hole & slot. The rotor is enhanced with fabricated and contoured foils that generate a lower positive pulse and higher negative pulse. It is less energy consuming and does an effective separation of contaminants.

Horizontal Pressure Screen

Parason Horizontal Screen comes with a specially designed rotor that avoids string formation. It provides easy access to the screen basket and rotor. IT is applicable for both coarse and fine screening. The reject handling capacity is an added advantage.

Reject Screen

The reject screen is best suitable for screening of waste paper stock and broke screening. It does the complete separation of contaminants without any fiber loss. The reject screen is fully automatic and has a high capacity. It requires minimum space and provides easy access to the rotor and screen.

Reject Sorter

It is the last stage coarse screen. It has a special rotor fitted with sweeping distributing blades of special hardened MOC. The rotor impels the stock fed-in against the screen half, cleans the screen half and disaggregates the fiber bundle for better for sorting.

Slotted Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen is designed for screening in lines for processing of chemical pulp, groundwood, and waste paper where it is used mainly as an end part for final sorting of the reject from screening stages. It has an open design; the stock can be seen while being screened. The screen eliminates possible clogging as it happens with the closed systems.

Fine Screening   

Fine screening rejects fibers that are not too coarse. The accepted stock of coarse screening is further sent to the fine screening process. It is done with the help of following equipment

Low Consistency Screen

The Low Consistency Screen comes with better screening efficiency and lesser reject thickening. It has low power consumption and improved screening efficiency, thus producing a good quality of the paper.

Reject Screen

Parason Reject screen with PLC/ Timer controlled washing cycle is used in the last stage of the screening system to minimize fiber loss in reject discharge. It has an excellent fiber saving/recovery system. It is suitable for removing dimensionally unstable impurities. It carries out the efficient separation of fiber and contaminants with almost zero fiber loss.

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