Pulp Thickener Machine


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January 12, 2024

Pulp Thickener Machine

Pulp Thickener Machine

Pulp Thickener is used to separate the liquid and solid materials in the pulp

It is built mainly with stainless steel and iron and works on the principle of gravity sedimentation. Thickeners are cylindrical tanks in which the pulp is fed through the inlet. The solid present in the stock is settled at the bottom, whereas the liquid is flown out through the outlet.

Thickening is necessary for increasing stock compatibility as required for further processing. It is done for decreasing the storage volumes and for solid-liquid separation. The stock consistency is increased from 5 to 30% with the dewatering process, to prepare for the next process stage and for complete water and solid separation.

Folded Thickener

Paper mills can be completely integrated or non-integrated. Integrated mills include a pulp mill and a paper mill on the same location. The modern paper mills use power, water, and pulp in a large amount. The processes are carried out efficiently with controlled technology to produce sheets of paper.

Disc Thickener

Parason Disc Thickener works as a gravity filter and does not require any barometric legs for creating a vacuum. It can be installed at a lower elevation. Stock enters into the inlet chamber and directed in between two mesh-covered discs. The level difference between feeding and filtrate chambers provides the necessary hydraulic pressure difference for a water/solid separation. Water is drained out through the mesh. The rotation of the disc has a dual-action. First, the thickened stock is conveyed into the discharge chamber. Secondly, it creates a rolling effect of the stock lump on the disc surface, producing a clearing action. The mesh of the discs is cleaned by spray nozzles pipes. It can be used as a thickener for recycling fibers, chemical and mechanical pulp, and effluent sludge.

Parason Disc Filter

Parason Disc Filter comes with a compact design that provides maximum filtration surface area for given floor space. The design is clean and eliminates pockets and shelves where slime and stock could accumulate. It has a balanced water removal system through which the water flows from individual disks through an internal manifold design core to maximum hydraulic capacity. The inlet box design provides uniform distribution of stock throughout the vat. The non-turbulent flow through tapered or straight center-shafts is to suit specific installation requirements. Parason Disc Filter is beneficial for fiber recovery and thickening of pulp. It improves the filtration efficiency. The product quality is improved and fine solids are recovered. It reduces freshwater consumption and saves heat energy by closing water circuits.

You can choose the best fit thickener for your paper industry according to the manufacturing audit.

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