Recycle Paper Pulp Equipment


Jane Doe

January 12, 2024

Recycle Paper Pulp Equipment
If you have been working in the paper industry for some time now, then Recycle Paper is a term that you may have often heard of. Let us explore the concept of paper recycling and how it affects the paper industry

What is the recycled paper?

Recycling paper is a process in which old and used paper is treated with different operations and a new paper is formed. The newly formed paper can be used for writing and for other purposes too.

Recycle Paper Pulp Equipment

Why recycle paper?

As you know that initially paper is formed out of trees. A lot of trees are cut down in this process which is not in the betterment of the environment. So to reduce the cutting down of trees and finding a way to get rid of used papers, technicians have come up with the paper recycling idea.

Paper recycling equipment

Paper is recycled in paper mills that produce paper. For recycling paper, it has to go through various operations starting from the collection of old/used papers to undergoing various machinery treatments on it.

The first step after the collection of raw material is to transform it into pulp. The pulp is a mixture formed by dissolving the raw material into the water for a certain time. This pulp is then sent for further operations to produce paper out of it. This pulp that is generated from raw materials like old papers, textiles, fibers, tree parts, plastics, other waste paper materials are used for manufacturing recycled paper and is therefore termed as Recycled Paper Pulp.

Pulp Equipment

The pulp is made in a large container. The raw material is poured into the container and mixed with water. IT is allowed to soak overnight. Some chemicals are added to the mixture to get rid of ink particles and other things that are stuck on the paper. This container is called Pulper and the process is called Pulping.

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