Refiner Plates


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January 12, 2024

Refiner Plates

Refiner Plates

Refiner Plates With High Quality Stainless Steel

Refiner Plates – Parason Designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality stainless steel refiner plates that are equipped with different mechanisms to produce the deserved output. A wide range of variety is available to suit the requirements of your paper mill.

The refiner plates are used in refiners of paper pulp making machine. Parason Refiner Plates are low energy-consuming. Every paper making company believes that the refiner is the heart of the papermaking machine that gives the exact quality results of the paper. Refiner improves fiber quality. The design and metal alloy extend the plate life in the machinery.

Our Refining Solutions go a long way in the development of the mill’s competitiveness. Our solutions with economic concept demonstration and subtle customer support, confidence and participation help in saving long term operational costs at a mill.

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Our specialist has taken refiner plate design, development and application to the other extent of technology. With an increased focus of Parason refining audit is on:

Existing refining system study and its audit in detail.

  • Evaluate the best suitable design and suitable alloy as per the application.
  • Organize a meeting of experts on the best designs of refiner plates and come up with the problems with the clear understanding and action plan.
  • Collecting suggestions and opinion with some replacement part change and changes in design from time to time to increase the efficiency and durability.
  • Parason refiner plates are one of the efficient parts of the machine that helps the machine work continuously. The refiner plates require three basic metallurgical properties, i.e; corrosion resistance, wear resistance, breakage resistance. Parason refiner plate has the correct balance of these three properties. Parason has developed a wide range of metallurgy to suit refining various applications.

Parason manufactures the following designs in Refiner Plates: 

Variable Rib Design Plates

Parason Variable Rib Design Refiner Plate provides the maximum uniformity in the refining zone which is manufactured using special casting and CNC technology. It provides uniform hardness throughout. It is suitable for mixed furnish refining. Long fiber and short fiber need to refine separately with different bar patterns as required.

Finedge Welded Bar Refiner Plates

Parason Finedge Welded Bar Refiner Plate is manufactured using special casting and robot welding. The plates will wear uniformly over time, and with the zero draft angles on the bar, with higher bar height, with minimum bar width, hydraulic uniformity is maintained longer. Life of plate is maximized due to high bar height able to maintain in this technology.

Finedge Inlet Curved Bar Refiner Plate

Parason Finedge Inlet Curved Bar Refiner Plates are specially cast in a dedicated foundry to provide uniform hardness throughout. The result of the Finedge Curved Bars helps in more gentle refining action which continues over a longer time. The Parason precision special casting and CNC manufacturing process provides an accurate groove width, which allows the finer bar to optimize low-intensity applications.


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refiner plates
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