Refiner Tackles


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January 12, 2024

Refiner Tackles

Refiner Tackles

Parason manufactures the welded refiner plates, tackles & tri-cones with an adequate height of the rib to offer more disc life & throughput. Parason refining solutions will go a long way in the improvement of the mill’s competitiveness. Our solutions with commercial concept demonstration help in saving long term operational costs at a mill.

The wear resistance of the refiner tackles is improved by the special treatment to transform all metastable microscopic phases into the stable microscopic phases. The wear resistance of the disc is improved without sacrificing the breakage resistance. This treatment is applicable for the cast as well as milled refiner plates & tackles of special metallurgy.

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The refiner tackles come with several beneficial properties like corrosion resistance, wear resistance, breakage resistance. The balance of these three properties is maintained in exact proportion as needed for effective refining performance. The most important challenge in refining is to increase the toughness without sacrificing the wear resistance.

The refiner tackles are manufactured by considering the user requirements like strength development of fiber, optimization of product properties, reduction in raw material cost, and reduction in energy consumption.

The design and manufacturing are based on special metallurgy. Some of the advantages of using Parason refiner tackles include – low specific edge load, good fibrillation i.e. consistent fiber treatment, higher throughput, suitable for hardwood/softwood as well as recycling, and lower power consumption.

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