Screen Rotor


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January 12, 2024

Screen Rotor

Screen Rotor

Parason medium consistency screen with special design rotor is provided with both hole & slot. The special design rotor with fabricated & contoured foils generates a lower positive pulse and higher negative pulse. Hence low energy consumption and higher purging effect to keep and basket clean.

The screen rotor is responsible for the effective separation of contaminants. It has low power consumption capacity. The screen rotor comes with improved screening efficiency that helps in obtaining an improved quality of the paper. The screen rotor is manufactured on the latest CNC Machine with higher accuracy.

Features of Multi Vane Aerofoil Rotor

  • Pulsation free rotor design
  • Suitable for removing dimensionally unstable impurities
  • Special rotor design avoids string formation for low consistency hole and slot screening
    Computerized dynamically balanced rotor
  • Manufactured on the latest CNC machines with high accuracy

TF rotor design – Technical features

  • Multi-foil / closed rotor design for high consistency
  • Better pulp fluidization
  • Higher operation consistency
  • Reduces thickening factor
  • Eliminates stringing/fiber hang-ups

Parason Screen Rotor increases the capacity and running ability of the machine. It has an optimized foils number position. It provides better pulse distribution over the cylinder surface. Parason screen rotor helps to push the pulp toward the reject chamber. It helps to handle change in consistency along with the surface screening. This, it efficiently handles higher consistency.

Parason Step Rotor is suitable for operation with large flat-shaped contaminants. Its adjustable speed is to suit a wide range of requirements. It has special design features to avoid string formation. It has hard-faced edges and has a computerized dynamically balanced rotor.

Parason Screen Rotor is specially designed for screening solutions for kraft pulp, mixed waste, OCC, recycled pulp, DIP, mechanical pulp, etc.

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