Stock Preparation Equipment


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January 12, 2024

Stock Preparation Equipment

Stock Preparation Equipment

Best Stock Preparation Equipment for Your Mill

Stock preparation is the process of refining and blending the pulp by removing the impurities that are present in the mixture. In the stock preparation process, the raw material goes through various processes that are carried out by using different types of stock preparation equipment.

The main equipment in which the pulp is prepared is called as the Pulper. The pulp undergoes processes to form a slurry that can be easily transformed into paper and paper products. Other types of equipment involved in the stock preparation process are – Digesters, Cleaners, Refiners and Refiner plates, Screening plates, deinking system, Thickeners, Dispersers, Deflakers, Agitators, etc.

These types of equipment are responsible for maintaining the proper consistency of the slurry (stock) to produce the best quality of paper for your paper mill.

Parason offers all types of Stock Preparation Equipment

All types of stock preparation equipment are manufactured in varieties of sizes and capacities to suit different paper mills. Parason stock preparation machines are known for producing the best quality of pulp in the paper industry. Our machines are available in different capacities ranging from 10 TPD to 500 TPD.

Different pieces of Parason stock preparation equipment are capable of producing high-quality stock with any capacity requirements. All the pulping equipment and machines are produced under optimal production environments ensuring the life and output capacity of the equipment.

Our highly efficient machines are capable of manufacturing the best quality of stock preparation out of any type of raw materials like cotton, rags, old or used papers and paper products, bagasse, etc.

Parason machines are the one best option when it comes to manufacturing pulp out of waste material and recycling. The best quality of recycled paper and paper products are obtained by using our stock preparation equipment.

All types of stock preparation equipment are specially built with long life properties and superior resistance to wear and tear. Therefore all our machines and spare parts come with a solid warranty and guarantee.

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