Stock Preparation Machine


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January 12, 2024

Stock Preparation Machine

Stock Preparation Machines are used for preparing the stock for producing paper and paper products. Stock is a slurry that is produced out of raw material like bagasse or recycled paper. This slurry is processed and it undergoes several operations with the help of different machines. The slurry is transformed into smooth pulp that is used to manufacture paper.

Machines used for stock preparation in paper mills

Stock preparation is an uncut process that involves various steps. Each step is carried out with a certain machine. The complete operation involves several stock preparation machines. The pulping process has the following common stages –

Pulper: Pulping is done with a Pulper. A Pulper is a large container in which the raw material is poured and mixed with water. The mixture is then continuously stirred until the raw material is broken down into small pieces to extract the fibers from it which are used for making paper. There are different types of pulpers depending on the production requirements like High-consistency, D-type pulper, Dilution Pulper, etc.

Disperser: Disperser is a part of stock preparation machines designed to disperse the impurities and unwanted materials from the stock. Parason offers two main types of dispersers: Hot Disperser for higher capacity and Mini Disperser for lower capacity.

DeflakerDeflaking is done with the Deflaker to obtain single (individual) fibers from it. This makes the stock free and improves the consistency of the pulp. It also improves the strength of the pulp that helps to extend the life of the paper. There are three types of deflakers: Hole, Ring, & Conical.

Conveyor: Dewatering is done by Screw Conveyor. The screw conveyor separates the solid from the liquid. It separates the water and the fiber in the pulp with minimum maintenance cost and higher reliability.

Refiner: Refining is done to remove the pulp impurities and improve the quality of the pulp. A Refiner is a very important unit of the stock preparation system. Parason has an in-house R&D for the manufacturing of Refiners and Refiner Plates like Twin Disc Refiner, Conical Refiner, & Trapmagni.

Cleaner: Cleaner is another stock cleaning machine that removes the smallest of impurities from the pulp like sand particles, glues, stickies, dirt, pins, chips, etc. Cleaners are classified into types depending on the consistencies like high consistency, low consistency, and medium consistency.

Agitator: Agitators are fit inside the pulpers for mixing and blending the stock. Agitator machines are used in several other manufacturing industries for blending any type of slurry. There are two types of agitators: Vertical and Horizontal.

ScreenerDifferent types of screeners are available to suit different pulping consistencies and quantities. The popular screening equipment offered by Parason are Turbo separator, Medium-consistency screen, Reject Screen for washing cycle, Reject Sorter, Slotted vibrating screen, Fractionator, Combo screen, Fibermizer, Low consistency screen, Reject screen for washing, Inflow screen, and Upflow screen.

Benefits of PARASON Stock Preparation Systems

PARASON is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of stock preparation machines in India. Our in-house Research & Development teams help us to innovate our products and make them better to stand out from the rest. The crucial benefits offered by Parason stock preparation machines are –

  • Low maintenance machines that require no added costs for running smoothly
  • All our machines are less power consuming that helps in energy saving
  • All our machines are set to work with the advanced PLC control system, thus reducing human efforts
  • The improved technology machines are time-saving and generate more production in less duration
  • Parason stock preparation machines and equipment are focused on reducing energy and power consumption while minimizing the raw material cost and delivering the best quality product

PARASON Offers Stock Preparation Machines to the following manufacturing domains –

OCC: Supplying complete manufacturing lines for corrugated cardboards and kraft liners

OMP: Supplying complete pulp manufacturing lines for solid boards and newspapers

ONP, OMG, OFW: Supplying full fiber line system for tissue papers and graphic papers

We also cater to the manufacturing of laminated papers, high wet-strength papers, for preparation of deinked pulp, and much more. To book an appointment with our technical executive, please send us an online inquiry.