Textile Recycling Machine


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January 12, 2024

Textile Recycling Machine

Recycling textile to manufacture paper is a trend in the paper industry for a long time now. A large number of mills use textiles are raw material to produce paper.

Textile is a term related to clothing. Textile is a flexible material made up of fibers. These fibers consist of yarn, wool, cotton, silk, etc. Textiles are formed by sticking the fibers together by several techniques such as knitting, weaving, or stitching. Textile is a fabric. Therefore textiles are clothing materials. The related word fabric is often used while describing the material of the cloth.

Textile Recycling Machine
textile recycling machine by parason.com

Why is textile recycling necessary?

Clothes are manufactured in large amounts every year. Recycling of clothes is as important as recycling of papers and paper products. Due to the developments in the fashion industry, the clothes have gained enormous importance. And thus there is a large number of demands for different varie-ties of textiles. Also, tons of clothes are dumped every year.

Recycling of the textiles not only helps to use waste clothes but also helps in reducing the raw material costs.

How is textile recycling done?

Textile Recycling refers to the recycling of clothes. In this process, all types of old and used clothes and all other textiles are recycled. In the Paper Pulp Industry, textile recycling is used for the for-mation of pulp.

• The collected material is sorted by type of material and color.

• Textiles are then strained into threads and shredded into pieces.

• The process starts with the collection of textiles and ends up with the formation of pulp in the pulper.

• This material is then cleaned in the cleaner by removing all the needless particles and mixed with water, therefore, starting the pulping process.

This pulp further undergoes several operations and is used for the making of new papers. The operations are carried out in the Textile Recycling Machine. Textile recycling helps in improving the quality of the paper and generating different styles of papers in the paper industry.

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