Tissue Paper Machine


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January 12, 2024

Tissue Paper Machine

Tissue Paper Machine

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Parason is a manufacturer and supplier of tissue paper machines in India which are highly used for tissue paper manufacturing in the papermills. Parason is a known supplier for the pulp and paper mills from many years to many countries that have the requirement of the pulp and paper machinery. Parason paper making machines give excellent quality results and are directly amenable to the environment.

Parason manufactures the tissue pulp and paper making machine that is suitable for making any type of tissue paper products. Our machines are designed to yield pulp by recycling waste paper and paper products, textiles, fabrics, agricultural waste, etc.

Paper yield from Parason machines is fully environment-friendly.

tissue paper machine

Why You Need Parason Tissue Paper Machine?

The quality of the paper that is made from wood chips or by recycling paper is maintained the same with our machines. Parason manufactures pulp machines that can produce tissue papers from recycled paper. The recycled paper gives the same results as the paper made from virgin wood fibers. Recycled paper can be used to manufacture various paper products such as tissue paper, paper towel, facial tissue, toilet paper, tissue packaging paper, acoustic disrupter, etc.

The process of making paper varies as per the requirements of the end product type. Our machines are manufactured under the guidance and assessment of our highly qualified and talented engineers who work hard on the research and development of machine manufacturing. Parason machines are strong in strength, reliability, performance, and durability. The capacity of the machines can be adjusted according to your requirements. Our team takes complete care of your needs and helps you to set up a complete tissue paper mill by guiding you in all manners. You can fully rely on us as we are your best partner in making your tissue paper production a success.

Parason machines are easy for installation and operation. Our team will guide you to set up a complete machine line in your paper mill for tissue paper production.

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