Tissue Paper making machine


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January 12, 2024

Tissue Paper making machine

Exclusive rage of tissue paper making machine

Stock Production Capacity: 30 TPD, 50 TPD, & 100 TPD

Tissue paper making machines has gained huge demand in the past few years as there is an observable increase in the number of tissue paper manufacturers. Tissue papers are the most used material for several purposes in day-to-day life. Tissue papers fulfill many purposes like wiping hands, paper towels, facial napkins, toilet paper rolls, etc.

In the past few years, the demand for tissue paper making equipment has rapidly increased. Many paper mills have started tissue paper manufacturing along with their regular paper making process.

How to Manufacture Tissue Paper?

The tissue paper making process is delicate and requires more care and attention.

One should carry out the tissue paper pulp making process with extreme attention in handling to ensure the absence of impurities in the pulp.

Clean and clear slurry helps produce good quality tissue paper.

The initial part of tissue paper mill machinery is similar to that of other stock preparation or fibre line systems.

Tissue paper manufacturing process undergoes a similar underlying process as that of other paper manufacturing like pulping, pressing, drying, and converting.

Which is the best Tissue Paper making equipment and Machinery?

PARASON is a known name as a tissue paper making equipment and machinery manufacturer and supplier. Our new tissue paper making machines or paper napkin making machines include basic stock preparation machines like pulper, screener, refiner, cleaner, dryer, and roller.

In the pulping process, a soft slurry called tissue paper pulp is produced. A huge container called a pulper to create pulp from the raw material is used for the process.

Screening and cleaning processes are carried out to remove the impurities from the pulp like dirt, spikes, shives, pins, etc.

Screen baskets and refiner plates and used to clean the pulp. The screens allow the pulp to settle into a flat formation.

The dryer machine is used for drying the tissue paper pulp slurry to make it rigid and form a flat surface.

Once the pulp is settled on to a flat surface, it is pressed with the roller to remove excess water from it.

Once the slurry is dried, the moisture is removed from it then it can be transferred to rollers to make tissue paper sheets of desired shapes and sizes.

Specifications of Parason Tissue Paper maling Machines

Parason machines are available in the production capacities of –

  • 30 TPD
  • 50 TPD
  • 100 TPD

Parason tissue paper machines are developed with our highly skilled engineers. Our machines are developed in our in-house research and development wing with excellent manufacturing facilities. All Parason machines are tried and tested with performance approvals.

  • Automatic Machine with PLC control system.
  • Flexible manufacturing capacities from 30 TPD to 100 TPD
  • High speed and easy operations
  • Power saving machines with minimum maintenance
  • Durable and sturdy machines manufactured with the best quality stainless steel alloys
Parason is the most trusted tissue paper machine manufacturer for getting perfect tissue paper machines for your paper mill. Contact us now for a free quotation.

What is the raw material for tissue paper manufacturing?

The tissue paper raw material can be of two types – natural wood fibres or recycled fibres. Tissue papers can be manufactured with virgin wood fibres that are comparatively stronger than the recycled paper fibres.

Natural wood fibres can be obtained from tree wood and other plantations. Recycled fibres are obtained from old/waste paper and paper products.

Natural fibres manufacture the best quality tissue papers with a great appearance and look than recycled tissue papers.

These types of tissue papers are first-grade papers and they possess slightly more strength than the recycled papers.

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