Tricone Fillings


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January 12, 2024

Tricone Fillings

Tricone Fillings

Tricone Fillings to Produce Quality of Pulp

Tricone Fillings is the solution for producing excellent pulp quality at a reasonable price. This simple and sturdy construction with proven design provides the highest reliability.

Easy access to the refiner for changing the plates provides the shortest downtime and lowest maintenance costs. Lots of different plate patterns are available to adjust the refining process according to pulp requirements.

Pulp is the basic component of making paper. The pulp is a mixture of strong fiber and water. The pulp making process is easy and it consumes less time with the help of machines.

Fiber is obtained from wood, recycling paper, cardboard, vegetable fiber, etc. which is crushed and fiber is removed out of these materials.

Parason Tricone Fillings To Improve Fiber Quality

Parason machines mainly manufacture pulp machine that yields pulp only from recycled material. Recycled material like office paper, cardboard, waste fiber is used to make pulp in Parason machinery. Parason machines do not use wood fiber as the same quality of fiber can be obtained from waste recycled paper.

There are varieties of fiber which can be easily made into pulp by the help of Parason machines. Different variety of fiber differs in the process of making pulp as well as in machines. Conical refiner fillings are the one type of machine that manufactures pulp. Another Parason machinery is also available in manufacturing pulp of different fibers.

Uniform wear to ensure the long life of the machine. Depending upon the fiber, Parason machines and its spare parts are designed. Conical refiner and its spare parts are available for a different type of fibers.

Paper pulp includes various different recycled fibers which are suitable for making certain quality of the paper. Such as packaging paper need strong fiber quality. Therefore, wood fiber, cardboard fiber is used to make packaging paper. As per the making process, the machines work automatically to create a pulp. The machines work as per the need of the product. Spare parts help the machine to reduce the workload and also consume less energy.

Parason machines manufacture the fillings which can ensure efficient refining like with lower energy consumption. Parason is putting to the test to fulfill the demand of the paper industry, irrespective of size and model with a custom design.

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