Vibration Screen Machine


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January 12, 2024

Vibration Screen Machine

Vibration Screen Machine

Vibrating Screens are used in the screening process for removing the impurities present in the fibers

Vibrating screens can be used for low as well as high consistency pulp. It removes large impurities from the mixture like plastics, films, wet strength packs, metal particles, pins, chips, splinters, etc.

The vibrating screens are fitted with a screen plate along with a superior power motor that operates the rotating of the screen plates. These screens are used in pulp and paper Industries for the filtering of the washed mixture. This operation separates the solids from the wanted or unwanted liquids. The vibrating screen is generally used for coarse screening of mechanical or chemical pulp. It is also used for fiber recovery as well.

Benefits of vibrating screen machine

  • It is highly reliable and built with proven technology
  • It provides a large screening area thus giving high screening ability
  • It has a small inlet reservoir with a gate valve thus providing high screening efficiency
  • An eccentric vibrator group is installed in the sleeve that provides resistance against corrosion and makes it a safe product
  • It has low power consumption and is easy to operate and low maintenance
  • It has a specially designed air seal chamber that makes the self-cleaning ability of the sieve plate very strong
  • It has a strong screening ability
  • It has a special self-cleaning effect
  • It comes with high working efficiency
  • It is designed with an energy-saving mechanism
  • It doesn’t produce much noise while working

Design & Features

Parason Slotted Vibrating Screen PSV model comes with an efficiency of 1450 rotations per minute with the usage of 3.7 kW power supply and 4-5 TPD. It provides screening of diverse sorts of rejects. It comes with an open design, easy maintenance, and servicing. Parason vibrating screen is easy to handle and has inbuilt safety features.

The vibrating screen consists of the tub, screening parts, and the shower pipe, which are made of Stainless Steel. The vibrator, drive stand and covers are made of structural steel and painted by a polyurethane double-component waterproof paint.

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