Waste Paper Pulp Making Machine


Jane Doe

January 12, 2024

Waste Paper Pulp Making Machine

Waste Paper Pulp Making Machine - Highly productive and reliable

Paper is a single-use substance. 50% of the total manufactured papers become waste just after one use.

Waste paper recycling is an initiative to recycle these papers and turn them into new papers that can be used again. Waste paper recycling machine is used to turn the old/used paper into new paper. The old/used paper can be obtained from books, newspapers, boxes, corrugated cardboard, etc. Waste papers are obtained in large amounts from schools, offices, and government or corporate buildings.

How is waste paper is used to make pulp?

Waste paper is collected out of domestic wastes and industrial wastes. Paper is an essential need in daily life. Paper is used in almost every house or office. And once the paper has been used, it becomes unusable for any other task. So this paper eventually goes into the dustbins and from the dustbins, to the recycling centers.

In recycling centers, this paper is used to generate new papers. Huge quantities of waste papers are collected set to form a pulp. The pulp is a mixture of papers/fibers and water. The waste papers are broken down into pieces by applying chemical and mechanical treatments on it. They are then mixed with water in a huge container with some added chemicals to remove impurities and ink or stains from them. This mixture is called as pulp or slurry.

The main step involved in generating pulp out of waste paper is sorting. The waste paper may include papers of paper materials of different types. Like notebook paper, craft paper, gelatin, cardboard or hardboard paper, corrugated paper, etc. Some of these types of papers aren’t recyclable. Therefore they are to be removed. This process is called sorting and it is done at the very first step when the raw material arrives at the recycling centers.

Waste Paper Pulping Machine is called as Pulper or Pulverizer. It is normally a big container in which pulp is formed. The common pulper used for waste paper pulping are hydra pulper and cylindrical pulper. Waste paper pulping is the major pulping process. It includes deflaking and defibering. Deflaking separates intertwined fibers into a single fiber. Defibering is a constant process of deflaking. It is used to dissociate the fiber preventing damage of fibers, and reduce the fiber strength.

Around 40–50 kg of slurry is generated in 1 tonne of paper at the pulping station. Approximately 70 % of it is primary sludge(i.e. generated out of used/waste paper) and 30 % secondary sludge(i.e. virgin pulp). The quantity of sludge on a dry mass basis may range from 20 % to 40 %.

The Waste Paper Pulp Making Process

Pulping is the basic and essential process to generate the material to manufacture paper. The raw material (waste papers) is collected in the Pulper which has rotating functionality for efficient breaking of fibers. The material is mixed with water and is rotated continuously at high speed. The mixture is passed through screeners to separate the unwanted pieces like plastic particles, clips, pins, etc. from the pulp. Screening and cleaning is performed to purify the pulp to improve its look and feel properties.

The waste paper pulping process uses the deflaking system to get the required quality of pulp. Deflaking system that is fitted in the pulpers, grind the raw material, and the fibers are broken into smaller sizes. The deflakers are attached to the deinking system to separate the impurities like inks and stains from the pulp. This is done by the addition of bleaching chemicals to the pulp that decolorizes the pulp and provides bright color and smooth texture. Deflaking is an important part that works in four stages. The first stage is Feeding. The raw material is conveyed to the deflaking equipment with conveyor.

Any kinds of wasted paper like newspaper, magazine, paper boards, cartons, print papers, can be used in waste paper pulp making machine. Waste paper recycling can produce new papers for notebooks, books, magazines, covers, tissue papers, kraft papers, etc. The main products derived out of waste paper recycling are food packaging products like paper plates, paper bowls, paper cups, etc.

Waste paper is secondary fiber. Secondary fiber is used to make paper in order to reduce the usage of woods obtained from forests or virgin fibers obtained from trees. In this way, we protect the environment saving the trees from cutting down. It is always a good idea to invest in a waste paper recycling machine as it is a never-ending business. The need for paper in the world is unending, however, the need to save trees and forests is of utmost importance at this time.