Waste Paper Pulp Recycle Machine: Flexible & Productive


Jane Doe

January 12, 2024

Waste Paper Pulp Recycle Machine: Flexible & Productive
Recycling of waste paper is the need of the world. Initially, the paper is made from trees and a lot of trees are being cut down for this purpose. And if this continues, it might be harmful to maintain the ecological balance of Earth

Paper recycling is not just an alternative but the need of today’s world to produce. Tons of paper are produced and used each year. The used paper goes directly into the dustbin and is treated as scrap. Production of new paper involves raw material in large amounts. These scrap papers are treated as a recycling unit in the production of the new paper. The papers mostly used for recycling come from magazines and newspapers.

This process is done in the papermaking machines. The machines use the pulp to generate new paper. The pulp refers to the mixture of raw materials like old paper, e wasters, textiles, fibers, cellulose, etc. The raw material is collected and broke down into fragments. The mixture is then soaked into water, mixed with chemicals and left for formation of pulp. This pulp then is treated through different machines to finally produce a fine quality of the paper.

Industrialized paper manufacturing affects the environment in both upstream and downstream. Upstream, where raw materials are acquired and processed, and downstream where waste-disposal impacts.

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At Parason, we are serving a hand in protecting the cutting down of trees and saving the environment by manufacturing paper making machines which use waste materials to produce new papers. The machine sare designed by our highly qualified engineers and designers. The machinery is efficient in working and serve its purposes.

Parason has been a trusted supplier of these machines to the paper mills. Along with the machines, Parason also supplies spare parts. We are recognized globally for our trustworthiness and have been awarded internationally for the 8th consecutive time in the paper industry.

Corrugated papers, cardboards, paperboards, etc. are also used for recycling in large amounts. almost every paper mill uses the recycling techniques in the production. The papermaking machines are designed in a certain way that is suitable for recycling.

The recycling process starts with the collection and sorting of the material. Once sorted, the material is pulverized in the pulping machine, also known as, pulverizer. In a pulverizer, the material is shredded and broke down into small particles to form the pulp. Various chemicals are added to the mixer to yield a uniform and clean pulp.

The cleaner is used for cleaning of the pulp to remove unwanted particles like stickies, gum, glue, wax, lignin, etc. There are different types of cleaners with different densities like Hi-consistency cleaner, Medium Density Cleaner, Centricleaner, etc. The unwanted particles are led out through the screening process. Screening machines like Turbo Separator, Low Consistency Screen, Medium Consistency Screen, Horizontal Pressure Screen, Reject Screen, Reject Sorter, Slotted Vibrating Screen, Fractionator, Combo Screen, Fibermizer, etc. belong to the Coarse and Fine Screening.

The pulp undergoes the deinking process for the removal of ink and other color pigments and bleaching of the pulp. Thickeners are used for filtration and washing of the fibers. The fillers are removed from the pulp in the thickening process. Disperser is used to disperse the specs and impurities that are present in the waste paper pulp. This improves the quality of the generating product. The Dispersion System includes Dewaterer, used for washing effluents. Plug Screw and Shredder is used to reduce steam consumption and improve the dispersing effect. Other machinery used in the Dispersing Operation are Heater Mixer, Screw Press, Infeeder.

Refining is an important process done with the Refining Plates. Parason Refining Plates are one of the best in the industry. There are a variety of plates available to suit specific operations. Deflakers are used for the deflaking of the pulp. Types of deflakers include hole type deflaker, ring-type deflaker, conical deflaker. Agitators are used for inbuilt dilution arrangement. The use of agitator results in uniform and adequate dilution of stock before pumping.

Production of recycled paper involves the use of machinery that makes the raw material capable of transforming into new paper. The further treatment undergone in the manufacturing of paper includes machines like Accujet HeadBox, Mill Winders, Pope Reel Automation, Salvage Rewinders, and Synchronous Fly Sheeters.

Screen Baskets, Slotted Baskets, Hole Baskets, Screen Rotos, Screen Parameters, Centripetal Baskets, etc. are some of the baskets used in the process of making of recycled paper. Some of the other space materials used in the manufacturing of recycled papers are Rotors, Gear Box, Shaft Sleeve, Screw, Agitator Blade, Screen Plates, Rotating Assembly.

These are the necessary machinery used in the waste paper recycling machinery. The machinery can be customized as per the customer needs and demands.