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Charting Excellence: Parason's Journey in Figures

Advanced Manufacturing Plants: 10
Customers in 40+ countries
Legacy of 50+ years
Employee Count of >2000

Crafting World-Class Full-Line
Solutions in Pulp, Paper, and Sustainability

Join us in shaping the future of pulp and paper manufacturing through cutting-edge
capabilities and a commitment to global excellence

Industry Solutions

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Parason stands out as the foremost supplier of a wide range of paper manufacturing machines tailored for your mill, drawing on our extensive expertise in machine manufacturing within the industry.


Parason leads the industry by offering a specialized array of cutting-edge machines dedicated to pulp manufacturing for your paper mill, backed by our profound expertise in crafting innovative pulp machinery solutions.

Molded Fiber

We offer comprehensive solutions for biodegradable Molded Fiber Products. Ideal for various applications, our project engineering focuses on eco-friendly, compostable items for diverse settings.


Parason excels in eco-friendly operations with our advanced Effluent Treatment Plant systems. Tailored for diverse industries, we provide effective industrial effluent treatment, meeting regulatory compliance and fostering sustainable practices.

Our Past, Present & Future

Our pursuit of an everlasting global impact is apparent in our actions and initiatives throughout our history as an organization.

Dr. C. P. Desarda
A Mastermind And Leader In Engineering

Dr. Desarda an industrialist of par excellence under whose aegis the Desarda Group grew from strength to strength.

Dr. Shekhar C. Desarda
Chairman And Managing Director
Kishor S. Desarda
Madhure S. Desarda

Driven by our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Parason spearheads initiatives that extend beyond profitability, embracing societal welfare and environmental stewardship.

Localized Employment

We provide for the local community by setting up employment initiatives with a focus on hiring resources from individuals and families who have settled near our facilities.

Community Scholarship

We ensure that our employees’ families are taken care of, providing scholarships to their children and supplying them with stationary and resources to encourage education.

Community Health

We are constantly implementing several initiatives to improve community welfare, such as  the installation of water purifiers in schools to enable access to clean drinking water

Afforestation Programs

As an industrial giant, we recognize and are consistently minimizing the impact that our work has on the environment. Our tree plantation programs are part of this initiative.

Rain Water Harvesting

Our machines are engineered to ensure that they operate at maximum efficiency at minimal water consumption. We supplement this with rain water harvesting to reduce water wastage.

Charitable Initiatives

We constantly try to give back to the community. As part of this initiative, we have started community schools, donated ambulances to hospitals and more.


Parason has provided Screen Baskets for our METSO Screen Model DC10. The performance of their baskets is comparable to that of imported ones, leading us to place repeat orders with them.
The 3.7-meter (12-disc) disc filters supplied by Parason have been operating satisfactorily at our mill for the past three months. We are pleased with their performance and are hopeful that Parason will maintain this level of excellence in the future as well.
The 5.2-meter (5/8) Disc Filter provided by Parason has been functioning effectively at our mills for the last six months. We appreciate the diligent efforts of the Parason team.

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