Duplex Board Mill Machinery


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January 12, 2024

Duplex Board Mill Machinery

With Stock Production Capacity Of: 200 TPD, 300 TPD, 500 TPD, 750 TPD, 1000 TPD

Parason is a huge manufacturer and supplier of duplex board mill machinery and equipment for making duplex paper boards. One of the most sold Parason machines is the duplex board making machine.

The duplex boards are manufactured in the paper mills for different purposes, mainly packaging.

What is Duplex Board and what are its uses?

Duplex board is similar to paper board or cardboard. It is strong and thin and has a good appearance than cardboard.

Duplex board can be manufactured with a smooth and glossy look as well as they can also be rough and un-bright in texture according to your needs.

The duplex board is heavier than other types of papers as it is made with several layers of papers.

This type of paper board can be manufactured with different layers like the surface layer (mandatory), the second layer, the third layer, the fourth layer, and so on.

Duplex board offers a better look and feel as compared to other corrugated cardboard boxes and hardboard boxes.

The outer surface of duplex boards is moisture and water resistant with smooth finishing.

The duplex paper board is mostly used for packaging box purposes of lightweight items like pharmaceutical items, medicine boxes, cigarettes, food packaging, shoebox, garment packaging box, cosmetic packaging box, etc.

Other uses of duplex boards include making matchboxes, greeting cards, book covers, packaging of handmade products, etc.

What are the types of Duplex Board Papers?

The most common types of duplex board papers are white-back duplex boards, grey-back duplex boards, kraft papers, uncoated duplex boards, and coated duplex boards.

  1. White-back duplex board paper – The surfaces on both sides of white-back duplex board papers are smooth and polished with a glossy look. These type of duplex boards are made with high-grade pulp and are used for packaging of delicate items like branded garments, watches, gifts, greeting cards, etc.
  2. Grey-back duplex board paper – One side surface of grey-back duplex board papers is made with the virgin pulp of superior quality. The other surface is made with grey recycled paper of lower grade. Grey-back duplex board papers are used for the packaging of commercial items like food containers, corrugated boxes, articles packaging boxes, etc.
  3. Coated duplex board paper – In this type of duplex board, the surfaces are coated with fine finishing to make them resistant to water, oil, and moisture. This also helps in extending the life of the duplex paper board. Coated duplex board papers are used in packaging of sweet boxes, agarbatti boxes, liquor boxes, perfume boxes, etc.
  4. Uncoated duplex board paper – This type of paper is uncoated with average finishing. It is used in the packaging of less fancy items like footwear boxes, garments, and packaging of other material that is strong in nature.
  5. Kraft Paper – Kraft paper is a thin duplex board paper with lower weight and mass. It is used for making fruit trays, garment inserts, chocolate wrapping, paper plates, paper cups, etc.

Where can you get the most efficient Duplex Board mill machines for your paper mill?

You can get the most efficient duplex board mill machines from Parason Machinery. Parason is a trusted and leading manufacturer and supplier of duplex board mill machinery.

Our machines are developed with an automatic PLC control system that guarantees the smooth operations of the process.

Parason duplex paper board machines are developed with complete research and development that is focused on providing consistent quality paper output.

The main qualities that Parason duplex board mill machine offers are-

  • Flawless finishing to the duplex paper board
  • Abrasion wear properties
  • Strict vigilance throughout the process

Being one of the prominent names in the pulp and paper machine industry, we offer the most efficient duplex board mill machines to our clients worldwide.

Our machines are extensively reliable and are responsible for up to the mark operations.

The complete range of Parason pulp and paper machines are manufactured by our long term industry experts with the market quality standards.

The main performance requirements that our machines abide by are –

  • Long-lasting operations
  • Low maintenance & cost-effective
  • Energy-saving operations
  • Long life of the machine

Our duplex board mill machines are operational for variable paper widths, weights, paper grades, operating speed, production capacity, etc.

How much duplex board paper can you produce with Parason Machinery?

We offer a range of machines that produce duplex board paper from 200 tons per day to 1000 tons per day.

The production capacity of the machine varies according to your requirement.

Currently, we are providing machines with production capacity –

  • 200 TPD
  • 300 TPD
  • 500 TPD
  • 750 TPD
  • 1000 TPD

Which raw material can you use in Parason Duplex Board Mill Machines?

Generally, most of the duplex boards are made up of recycled paper and they are bio-degradable in nature.

So the raw material that is used for manufacturing recycled duplex boards is waste cartons, waste cardboards, wood pulp/virgin pulp, waste shavings, etc.
Parason duplex board making machines are capable of manufacturing pulp out of all types of raw materials.

With our high-tech machines developed with in-depth research by our engineers, you can manufacture the best quality duplex board papers in your mills.

We offer our services Worldwide including Asia, Europe, The Gulf-Countries, South-East Asia, and The United States of America. Our headquarters are located in India with several manufacturing plants and foundries.

Parason is advanced Leader & Manufacturer, specialized in the Pulp & Paper Industry

For any requirements, you are welcome to contact us online, email us, or directly call us on the following details: info@parason.com | +91 (0) 240-2339234/35/36/37