Hydrapulper Pulping System


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January 12, 2024

Hydrapulper Pulping System

Hydrapulper Pulping System

Hydrapulper is a circular tank that contains water in which bales of waste paper are loaded for pulping process. The hydrapulper pulping system is equipped with a high-strength agitator fixed at the bottom of the pulper that helps to break the paper bales into smaller pieces. When the disintegrated pulp is obtained, it is sent for further processing.

The main applications & uses of Hydrapulper are –

  • Handling/recycling waste paper
  • Removing contaminants likes wires, plastic, paper clips, staples, etc.
  • Continuous pulping
  • OCC/mixed waste recycling
  • Virgin pulp bale defibering
  • Manufacture pulp for any grade of paper

Design of Hydrapulper Pulping System

Hydrapulper is designed for both batch and continuous operations of all types of furnish and variable consistencies. The material of the Hydrapulper pulping system is made of corrosion-resistant steel. It is acid and wear-resistant.

Best features of Hydrapulper Pulping System

Supports batch operation

Hydrapulper supports batch operation system for paper pulping process. Batch pulping ensures complete defibering of particles to obtain an even high-quality slurry. Dry furnish and water are added in a specific quantity to the Hydrapulper and the solution is mixed until perfect defibering is achieved. Then, the slurry is sent to the dump chest for further operations.

Variable sizes

Hydrapulper comes in ranges of sizes from 2 feet to 25 feet diameters that can process up to 2400 cubic feet stock volume with a capacity up to 32,000 pounds per batch. The average time of one batch is around 30-45 minutes, however, it may vary depending on the pulp quality.

Variable design

The pulper tub is generally round-shaped with pre-installed deflection vanes that direct the flow of the slurry from the rotor to the recirculating vortex. This is a very important action as the stock gets wetted out and is forced into the rotor for defibering. Various designs are available depending on application and type of furnish.

Design of rotor

The hydrapulper is equipped with Vokes or power saver rotors that serve as an advantage in pulping the stock up to 8% consistency. Sometimes, a middle turbine is attached to the pulper that serves operations of higher consistencies up to 18%.

Continuous operation & D type tub design

The hydrapulper pulping system supports continuous operation with a high-tonnage system that requires stock defibering. D-type tub model pulpers are typically ranging from 12 to 27 ft. diameters. They have a capacity of 1400 TPD.

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