Pulp & Paper


Jane Doe

January 12, 2024

Pulp & Paper

PARASON provide all types of pulp and paper manufacturing machines for your paper mill. With our vast experience in machine manufacturing, we are the best pulp and paper machine manufacturing industry.

Our machines hold a dignified place in the market of the paper industry. Parason pulp and paper machines are termed to be one of the most reliable and efficient in terms of maximum performance and minimum maintenance.

List of Machines used for Pulp & Paper Manufacturing at Paper mills

Pulper – Our series of pulper machines vary from the

high-consistency pulper till the dehydrating screw conveyor with the dilution pulper, off-center pulper, and D-type pulper.

Cleaning Machines – The cleaning equipment includes the high-density and medium-density cleaners with the centricleaner and medium-consistency centricleaner

Screening Machines – With two types of screening machines i.e. Coarse screening and Fine screening ranging from high, medium, and low consistencies and includes other types of equipment like turbo separator, fractionator, fibermizer, combo scree, etc.

Deinking Machines – We manufacture most effective de-inking systems along with sand trap

Thickeners – With Folded and Disc thickeners, Parason is a specialized disc filter manufacturer

Dispersion System – All types of spares for effective dispersion system in conjunction with the mini-disperser

Refiners – Twin disc refiner, confiner, and trapmagni comes with excellent refining qualities

Deflaker Machines – Hole-type, Ring-type, Conical-type deflaker

Agitator – For efficient agitation process

Reject handling machine – Efficient fiber and water recovery system

Papermaking machine equipment – Accujet high turbulence headbox, pope reel automation, mill winders, salvage rewinders, synchronous fly sheeters

Disposable tableware products manufacturing machines – Eco-friendly tableware products manufacturing machines like paper plates, glasses, cups, bowls, etc.